Personal Statement Don’ts

  • Try to Be Funny
  • Start Every Sentence with I
  • Include Not Relevant Hobbies
  • Use Vocabulary You Don't Normally Use
  • Repeat Things Already on Your UCAS Form
  • Include Clich├ęs
  • Take Any Political or Religious Viewpoints
  • Sound Arrogant and Pretentious

Structure of PS

  • Introduction to the Subject
  • What You Have Done Related to the Subject
  • Work Experience Placements
  • Relevant Activities at School
  • Interests Outside of School
  • Your Goal of Attending University

Top Tips on How to Write My Personal Statement

write my personal statementDo you want to learn of great ways on how to start a personal statement? We’ve prepared a handy guide for your reference when creating a personal statement for college admissions. Briefly, your personal statement is ‘personal,’ meaning it must be about yourself, including your ambitions, hopes, inspirations and life experiences. You should be open and reflective and express yourself with total honesty.

 Tips to Write My Personal Statement

  • Brainstorm and consider what to write or include in the personal statement so that you won’t forget anything. Write everything down on a piece of paper prior to writing it. In the process, you will be able to get a good feel of the most significant achievements and selling points you have to capture the reader’s attention.
  • Why do you love the subject? You should be able to highlight what makes you love it and why not others. You can relate previous or current activities to prove you are working your way to achieve your dreams to become a doctor, for example.
  • Organize your thoughts and make your paper easy to scan with bullets. This will make it easy for the reader to check on the most valuable information you have to offer without them trying to dig through the text with difficulty.
  • Mention your achievements, which are relevant to the course you are applying for so that they can see how fit you are to take on the course.
  • Ask for help and feedback. By doing so, you can improve and ask them on “how to write my personal statement.’ They can also give you suggestions, especially those that have experienced submitting personal statements for the same school where you will submit the personal statement.
  • Look at the structure and make sure that it makes sense. It has to be easy to read by including elements, including bullets or subheadings.
  • Break your content into sections of small paragraphs to avoid chunky blocks of texts in the paper. This will avoid boring your reader as well as it will help them in capturing your message without them having to manage big blocks of texts to get information.

How to Write My Personal Statement Better

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