Personal Statement Don’ts

  • Try to Be Funny
  • Start Every Sentence with I
  • Include Not Relevant Hobbies
  • Use Vocabulary You Don't Normally Use
  • Repeat Things Already on Your UCAS Form
  • Include Clichés
  • Take Any Political or Religious Viewpoints
  • Sound Arrogant and Pretentious

Structure of PS

  • Introduction to the Subject
  • What You Have Done Related to the Subject
  • Work Experience Placements
  • Relevant Activities at School
  • Interests Outside of School
  • Your Goal of Attending University

My Personal Statement Sample

The Importance of “My Personal Statement Sample”

my personal statement sampleYour personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself to the committee overseeing who is going to be accepted for a place. Written well it will be able to grab their attention and make you memorable which will help to ensure that you get accepted when it comes time for decisions. Many of the other applicants will have similar grades and other personal statement qualifications so often it is your only way to make yourself stand out.

But writing that outstanding personal statement is not easy at all and many applicants struggle with it. Many will write many different versions over several weeks and still not be happy with what they have written. Viewing an example of good personal statement writing, however, is one great way to see exactly how your statement should be written.

What makes our personal statement different from all others:

When we write personal statements we adhere to the rigorous quality criteria when it comes to content and formatting but we also care for those unseen acceptance criteria that transform a professional document into a compelling piece of writing that inspires and calls to action.

  • It’s a picture. We are providing a complete insight into your type of professional academic career by reflecting you at fullest as a student, giving the reasons why you can be a potential scholarship winner, we provide the complete picture of you as a scholarship recipient.
  • It’s a call to action. The reader of our personal statement understands that set of actions you are intended to take in the future and what social value you are going to bring for society by getting to know you personally little closer.
  • It’s your own judgment. A good personal statement always delivers your judgment and priorities in education to convey your crucial point and make the committee understand what it’s all about.
  • It’s your own story. Every statement should not only be 100% authentic and original it also needs to deliver the unique story. For you we will create a brief storyline that will uncover how your interest has evolved over the years and developed to the stage where it is now giving the due credits to your mentors, teachers and family members that contributed to the academic career development.

How to Use “My Personal Statement Example”

my personal statement exampleA sample of a personal statement is not something that you can just copy and claim as your own. Firstly this is plagiarism and will ensure that the committee will dismiss your application. Secondly it will not reflect either you or the program that you are applying to. A personal statement help is most effective if it has been tailored carefully to reflect what the committee wants to see and of course it must be written about you.

A sample personal statement therefore can only be used for guidance and ideas. It can show you how to structure your own personal statement, the areas that you must ensure that you cover within your writing, and give you ideas for how you can develop a theme for your own writing.

Finding a Good Example of Personal Statement Writing

sample of a personal statementWe offer you professional personal statement sample that you can review as do many other websites. Before you use any sample however you should review it critically to see how good the actual sample is. There are many that are rushed and poorly written and you will want to ensure that you can recognize a good sample from a bad one. Use the following when reviewing a sample to see how good it really is:

  • Does it open with a hook; the opening line should be attention grabbing and make you want to learn more.
  • Does it tell a story? A personal statement should have a clear theme and flow more like a story to maintain the readers interest.
  • Is the writing relevant? What is written should be targeted towards the application only.
  • The writer should have avoided clichés, obvious statements, restating information from their resume, acronyms, slang, and fancy language that people do not understand.
  • The writing should be very concise and to the point without any filler.
  • It should be clearly about the applicant and in their own words.

We Can Write Your Personal Statement

example of good personal statementWe are a professional and very specialized writing service that employs highly qualified and very experienced writers that fully understand how your personal statement should be written. They will work directly with you to get all of the information that they need to craft an effective statement or purpose or application essay that is going to be capable of getting you noticed. All writing that they produce is completely original and based on the information that you provide and never copied.

Our services offer guaranteed on-time delivery as well as fully proofreading all writing and testing for plagiarism. We top this off with a full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you have looked at “my personal statement sample” and are not sure if you can match the standard just contact us here today for help that you can both afford and trust to deliver the best results.