Personal Statement Don’ts

  • Try to Be Funny
  • Start Every Sentence with I
  • Include Not Relevant Hobbies
  • Use Vocabulary You Don't Normally Use
  • Repeat Things Already on Your UCAS Form
  • Include Clich├ęs
  • Take Any Political or Religious Viewpoints
  • Sound Arrogant and Pretentious

Structure of PS

  • Introduction to the Subject
  • What You Have Done Related to the Subject
  • Work Experience Placements
  • Relevant Activities at School
  • Interests Outside of School
  • Your Goal of Attending University

FAQ: What to Write In My Personal Statement

Can you tell me what to write in my personal statement?
“I don’t know what to write in my personal statement” is something we hear on a regular basis. Usually there are three things that admissions officials want to know from your personal statement. They want to know why your chosen to study the particular course that you are applying for. They would also like to know what personal qualities you have that would benefit you in the course and would be an asset to their school. In addition they would like to know some short and long-term goals you have related to the field that you are applying to, and how being accepted into their program directly affects those goals. Your answers to these questions give admissions some idea as to your motivation and the strength of your commitment to completing the course, as well as whether or not you have the necessary qualities that make you a good fit for the field and their school

How should I write my personal statement?
A good way to provide the information that admissions wishes to know is by using a personal anecdote and having a theme for your personal statement. By using a personal anecdote you will make your personal statement more interesting to the reader, and having a theme that is consistent throughout your personal statement ties everything together. You should also display enthusiasm and a passion for the course you are applying for admission to.

Can you write my personal statement for me?
Certainly our personal statement writing service can do that. If you ask us to “write my personal statement for me” we are more than happy to do so. Our professional writers have graduate level degrees in their field of study and we have writers from every academic area. They will write you a completely original personal statement based on information you provide. They have plenty of experience with both personal statements and the admissions process, as as masters or PhD degree holders in the same field you are applying, they know what admissions boards are looking for in personal statements and how to make the best impression using your information.

How do you write a personal statement?
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