Personal Statement Don’ts

  • Try to Be Funny
  • Start Every Sentence with I
  • Include Not Relevant Hobbies
  • Use Vocabulary You Don't Normally Use
  • Repeat Things Already on Your UCAS Form
  • Include Clich├ęs
  • Take Any Political or Religious Viewpoints
  • Sound Arrogant and Pretentious

Structure of PS

  • Introduction to the Subject
  • What You Have Done Related to the Subject
  • Work Experience Placements
  • Relevant Activities at School
  • Interests Outside of School
  • Your Goal of Attending University

Disastrous and Most Funny Personal Statements

“I am gonna ruin my application with that personal statement” – probably the most common thought that pops up in heads when people make a self-review. Sure thing, it is 100% expected that panel will be finicky and strict considering and evaluate your application, but there’s no reason to panic or be stuck in nervous expectation, after all, it won’t help the deal. Instead, familiarize yourself with the most ridiculous personal statements, otherwise, you get to the opposite of admission.

Couldn’t Sound More Ridiculous? They Prove You’re Wrong

If you still sure that you wrote the most pathetic personal statement in history there are some iconic examples that can cheer you up or reanimate your self-esteem (depending on purpose). Some of this utterly ridiculous personal statements have undoubtedly deserved to be nominated to get a proper reward. So if you can generate masterpieces like those, you’d better reconsider your career and head to the comic writing or stand up comedy performances (p.s those are paid more). Read through and learn what are the biggest turn-offs in the personal statements and why they should be avoided:

A Superhero Syndrome

funny personal statement

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First and the most crucial point is to stop lying to yourself and others.

Nope, you won’t be haunted by the ghosts of remorse at night, especially if you don’t know a thing about remorse, but it can blow up your reputation significantly.

Never claim to be better than you are indeed, but if you do, at least make sure it sounds properly, not overly cheesy.

hilarious personal statemens

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You can afford a little exaggeration, however, keep in mind that if the truth uncovers you’ll be lost for the institution as a credible candidate.

The lie spotted in the official document has a high chance to be revealed someday in the least day and moment expected. Even such thing as fooling people into thinking you read the book might be unexpectedly cracked, for instance, the committee might ask you to provide a more in-depth opinion considering certain book part. In a nutshell, unless you want to be publicly convinced of cheating, make sure you prepared as if you were planning the crime.

Backfiring Humor

Attempt to be super witty and original doesn’t always pay off. It is you versus committee, no one guarantees at least one of you has a great sense of humor.

ridiculous personal statement

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Try to stay in between destroying uber-wacky sentences and sounding ultra-boring. If you overdose with the funny appeal in your narrative, be sure your document goes straight to the trash bin.

personal statement for fun

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Irrelevant Stupidity

Did you ever see the notice that you’re obliged to provide the panel with such personal information?

dumb personal statement

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Or in other words, would you care about this if you were the one to review? You can include several not very shameful hobbies, but this is where the story ends.

why personal statement fail

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A Great Man: The Story of Mistakes and Typos

It is useless to point out how unprofessional it looks to sound near like this:

personal statement typos

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If you don’t want to sound completely pathetic make sure to double-check all your writings or ask a professional editor to proofread your copy.

Overly Plain Candidate

Don’t bore the reader to death, that’s the second most important rule of your personal statement creation.

boring personal statement

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A Perfect Excuser Personal Statement

Do you remember the third rule? Make your personal achievements (or underachievements) sound only in the positive tone, but don’t take this advice so literally:

inappropriate personal statement

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Lost in Metaphors

Be cautious if you feel itchy for metaphors, especially if using them is not your strongest feature.

how not to write personal statement

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Keep in mind, the main purpose of the personal statement writing is to highlight your skills, knowledge and experience. It will be helpful to make a personal statement checklist beforehand. Make the impression you’re the most worthy candidate to get through, persuade committee you have the most impressive perspectives in your future profession, in other words, sell yourself, not humiliate.

No more epic fails! With our services, you won’t be blushing red. We can help you with a funny personal statement. In the good sense!