Personal Statement Don’ts

  • Try to Be Funny
  • Start Every Sentence with I
  • Include Not Relevant Hobbies
  • Use Vocabulary You Don't Normally Use
  • Repeat Things Already on Your UCAS Form
  • Include Clichés
  • Take Any Political or Religious Viewpoints
  • Sound Arrogant and Pretentious

Structure of PS

  • Introduction to the Subject
  • What You Have Done Related to the Subject
  • Work Experience Placements
  • Relevant Activities at School
  • Interests Outside of School
  • Your Goal of Attending University

10 Things Not to Put in Your Personal Statement

personal statement mistakesWhat are the things not to put in your personal statement? Applying for a college or university course is a tough challenge every student has to face and handle with excellence. One way to take your application a notch higher in terms of success would be to learn of the blunders or mistakes to avoid when writing the content of your admissions paper. See the following for your guidance if you ask yourself how to write my personal statement for me.

Things Not to Put in Your Personal Statement

The following personal statement mistakes are what not to include in your application if you want to improve your chances of landing your dream course in a reputable college or university. Check them on your personal statement and be able to take them out of it.

  • Quotations: These are common blunders committed by students. As mentioned, your personal statement is a personal paper, which is about you and your aspirations, including your life goals and career plans, perhaps. Do not write someone else’s quotes if you don’t want to sprinkle your statement with clichés and overused statements. Make your own!
  • Avoid random lists, which may not be suitable in terms of strengthening your message. Instead, you just have to pick the best achievements, for instance, you have and stick with them. Avoid random list at all cost.
  • Clichés: Just like quotes, they don’t add value and personality to your statement, but perhaps, just take up valuable space. You don’t need clichés to shine. Speak about yourself and be confident in expressing it the best manner reflecting your very own personality.
  • Sweeping statements: If you think this is a WOW factor, think again. They don’t mean much, but they just ruin your message. After all, they simply do not make sense because they’re not backed up with proofs.
  • The word “passion”: Who cares if you are passionate about this and that if you abuse the word passion. Perhaps, you don’t tell but show, is that right? Therefore, demonstrate passion with relevant works and achievements and shy away from this hackneyed word.
  • Stilted language and expression: Using unnaturally formal language in speaking or writing is simply boring and uninteresting. Who really cares if you know a million words if your readers do not also understand.
  • Exaggeration, plagiarism and LIES: Tell the truth by expressing yourself. You don’t need to lie just to impress nor exaggerate just to amaze readers. You shouldn’t also plagiarize, or else, your application’s at risk of automatic rejection.
  • Humor or trying to be funny: This is one of the personal statement mistakes to avoid like a plague. Do not try to evoke laughter by injecting silly statements. Your personal statement is a formal paper; thus, make it professional.
  • Excuses and negative comments: Keep out of these two things to avoid in a personal statement and be on the right track. Use a positive tone in the entire paper.
  • Irrelevant personal facts: Do not brag about those things unique about you if they don’t relate to the application.

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